Mainstreaming Gender in National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)

Gender mainstreaming is central to GCF’s objectives and guiding principles, including through engaging women and men of all ages as stakeholders in the design, development, and implementation of strategies and activities to be financed. This training course is to provide participants with a better understanding of the importance of gender-responsive approaches to National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) and to equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to integrate gender considerations into their proposal preparation process. Photo: Lopez Rello/UNDP


This training course is organised into 3 modules. The course will cover topics such as the overview of GCF’s gender policy, entry points for mainstreaming gender in adaptation planning, and addressing gender requirements in the NAP proposal. At the end of the training, participants are expected to have a better understanding of gender dimensions in proposal development and will be enabled to develop adaptation proposals that are gender-responsive– helping to ensure that adaptation efforts are more effective, sustainable, and equitable.