The Readiness Results Management Framework Training

This training is about Readiness Results Management Framework (RRMF). Following an explanatory Module 0 there are 2 content-based Modules divided into separate sessions. Accompanying these modules is a downloadable package of materials, which are listed at the end of Module 0. The estimated time needed to complete this training is 120 minutes.


This Training explains the purpose of the RRMF, its structure and define roles and responsibilities when using the RRMF. This training is thus designed to support the Secretariat, NDAs, and Delivery Partners in understanding how to use RRMF for Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme (PRSP) particularly when designing new Readiness proposal and for monitoring and reporting on a Readiness Grant. 

It should also be noted that this RRMF training is applicable to all NDAs and DPs with any approved Readiness grants under implementation and/or with proposals submitted to the Secretariat that have been approved or will be approved under the Readiness Strategy: 2019-2021 and which was extended to year 2023. 

The modules covered in this course training modules include; 

  • Module 0: Introduction to Readiness Results Management Framework (RRMF) Training 
  • Module 1: Introducing the RRMF 
  • Module 2: Proposal development, monitoring and reporting 

Please note that, ‘Module 3: Monitoring and reporting of outcomes’ mentioned in Module 0 above; which is meant to guide the outcome and impact level result monitoring, will not be featured in this iLearn training modules. The monitoring and reporting of RPSP outcome and impact level results will be guided by the secretariat and will be available in the due course.

Keywords: RRMF